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ESL Proficiency Levels

  International ESL system divides all students into 7 levels of proficiency (from 0 to 6):

0 - Beginner: does not understand or speak English with the exception. of a few isolated words or expressions

I - Elementary: understands and speaks conversational English with hesitancy and difficulty;
is at a pre-emergent or emergent level of reading and writing in English, significantly below grade level.

II - Pre-intermediate: understands and speaks conversational English with decreasing hesitancy and difficulty; is post-emergent, developing reading comprehension and writing skills in English.

III - Intermediate: understands and speaks conversational English without apparent difficulty, but understands and speaks academic/business/professional English with some hesitancy.

IV - Upper-intermediate: understands and speaks conversational and academic/business/professional English well; is near proficient in reading, writing, and content area skills needed. to meet grade level expectations.

V - Advanced: reads, writes, speaks and comprehends academic/business/professional English.

VI - Proficiency: fully-English Proficient.

Our Mission Statement:

To instruct students to such competency levels that they are qualified for initial employment
and/or career advancement.
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